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Hair Color

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***Due to COVID-19 Mask Regulations, please check with Salon to see which Stylist feels comfortable performing these services***

Keratherapy Color Lock and Smooth ​(15 minutes)

  • Works on all hair types for up to 4 weeks

  • Replenishes natural keratin and collagen proteins that are lost over time

  • Reduces frizz and blocks humidity

  • Locks in color, extends vibrancy and protects from fading

  • Adds shine and softness

  • Deeply penetrates the hair while smoothing and sealing the cuticle

  • Provides an express keratin treatment service in less than an hour

  • Add-on to all chemical services in just 20-25 extra minutes

  • Safe for color-treated hair

Can wash after 24 hours

Starting at 25

Coppola Keratin Express Blow Out (1hour)

EBO is a revolutionary 1-hour express keratin treatment that reduces frizz, curl and daily styling time for up to 6 weeks. Can wash after 8 hours.

starting at 125

Coppola Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment (2 hours)

NKST is a multi-award-winning keratin treatment that penetrates the cuticle to reduce frizz and curl, making the hair stronger, smoother and healthier. This revolutionary smoothing treatment is powered by Signature Keratin to help repair damage, eliminate frizz, cut styling time and deliver a soft, smooth and shiny finish. Lasts up to 5 months. Can wash after 72 hours.

Starting at 275

Lasio Mocha Silk Keratin Treatment (1-1.5 hours)

Lasio Mocha Silk Keratin Treatment allows for dry, naturally coarse and curly hair to gain and retain moisture, eliminates frizz, and eliminates 90% of curls; instantly achieving a straighter look. With the benefit of same-day wash and zero processing time. Lasts up to 4 months.  

Starting at 250